Whether you’re monogamous, polyamorous, or somewhere in the vast chasm between, there’s a niche on the relationship spectrum to suit your needs. Although cutting edge culture assures us that there’s no wrong way to have a relationship, one-on-one coupling is still the norm, and exploring non-monogamous relationships can be met with a certain level of stigma (and accusations of being “greedy,” “slutty” or a straight up jerk).

Last week, when the “cheating” website Ashley Madison was hacked, users were faced with being outed for having extra-marital interests, which brought on a boatload of schadenfreude as well as the usual thinkpieces dissecting our culture of monogamy and the ways modern marriage has failed to evolve past the 1950’s. While cheating and non-monogamy are not one and the same, there would arguably be a decrease in infidelity if people could get down with a more flexible form of relationship.


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